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The only local program that gives BACK TO TEAMS when they play Nations Baseball events hosted by CVA Travel Baseball.  Program runs each calendar "AGE" year from August  to July. The more events your team plays, the more your team will save!

$25 off

First event of the season

Teams save $25 off their first event of the season.  Expires April 30th each year.  Basically gives 50%  JR MEMBERSHIP to Nations Baseball for the Spring season.  

$50 off

Play THREE events

Teams who play three events will save $50 off their FOURTH event. Teams can use this discount on ANY event hosted by CVA Travel Baseball

$75 off

Play FIVE events

Teams who play five events will receive $75 off their SIXTH event . Teams can use it towards any one day or weekend event.

50% entry


Enter and play eight weekend or one day events throughout the calendar year and receive 50% entry into any weekend event or  one day events this season OR the following season!

Teams prepay in full for all events entered. Discount will be refunded at the conclusion of each qualified event(or teams can choose credit towards their next event) All events qualify for this program including one day tournaments, weekend events, and leagues. Note: Any special promotional rates run throughout the season will nullify any of the discounts "once reached". Example: Offering $50 off a particular event; Team has now lost their $50 off FOURTH event. Special promotions cannot be combined with any of the loyalty discounts.

The goal of this program is for teams to play as many Nations events as possible, while saving money compared to the local competition.

Why play Nations Baseball compared to "other" organizations?

CVA Travel Baseball/Nations Area Director Derek Flanagan

Game guarantees 


Basic Costs

CVTB offers FOUR GAME guarantees for most weekend events and THREE GAME guarantees for one day events. The goal is to give "ALL TEAMS" as many games as possible.
Events are scheduled on selected weekends and offer teams an "alternative" compared to the same style of event every weekend or Sunday.
CVTB offers competitve pricing and also REWARDS teams for playing multiple events over the calendar year. Teams spend less money to play, but end up playing "MORE BASEBALL" for their dollar.

Hosting Fundraisers

Competitive Schedules

Unique formats

CVTB is always open to help local teams host a fundraising event.  Either teams provide the fields or CVTB can usually find a location to host. CVTB will also help team fundraise through social media and this website.
CVTB will always research ALL TEAMS playing an event to guarantee competitve games within a division. CVTB will also try to schedule teams NEW OPPONENTS whenever possible.
CVTB is always looking at ways to host "TRUE TOURNAMENT" formats to give teams a unique experience playing Nations Baseball.  Including Round robin formats, three pool game formats, and blind draw double elimination events.

Discounts offered

Referrals earn REWARDS

Cooperstown Dreams Park

CVTB offers "additional" discounts to teams who follow on Social Media. CVTB also offers discounts to organizations who provide multiple teams to an event. Bring two teams and each team save $25; bring three, each team saves $35, bring four or more, each team save $50.
CVTB rewards teams with reduced entry fees when other teams refer teams into sanctioned events. If you refered a team simply contact director for your reward.
CVTB has helped teams every year find their way into Cooperstown Dreams Park.  CVTB will gladly assist a local team's dream of playing at CDP. Contact director for more info on how to obtain a "grandfather certificate" which guarantees entry into CDP.