Refund & Weather Policy

Please note this policy is in place to protect all the hard work that local area directors put into these events.

All personel responsible of the day to day operations of the travel team(s) or organization(s) please be aware of the R&W policy for the Central Virginia area.  Teams who participate in other sanctioned events must be aware of "that area's" R&W policy.  Please note that each individual area director may have a different policy.
Team(s) who withdrawal from an event are entitled to the following:
Teams who withdrawal from an event 21 days prior to the event date will receive 100% refund minus a $10 processing fee.

Teams who withdrawal from an event 14 days prior to the event date will receive 80% refund minus a $10 processing fee.

Teams who withdrawal from an event 10 days prior to the event date will receive a 25% refund only.

Teams who withdrawal from an event  9 days or less prior to the event date will not receive any refund.
The above amendments to the refund policy cover any reason a team may give for withdrawing from any sanctioned event. This also includes teams who are on a payment plan for any League or series events. Those payments will still be owed.
EVENT DOESN’T MAKE due to lack of teams. Teams will receive a 100% refund if any event doesn’t make due to lack of teams unless team withdrawals. 
The normal deadline for teams to enter an event will be Tuesday prior to the tournament date.
Minimum teams required for an event to make; Weekend events are four teams and one day events are three teams.
Weather Policy.
All weekend events are three game guarantees (One day are two game guarantees).  Events that are advertised as four game guarantees(three game for One day) include the fourth(Third) game as a free bonus.  Teams are PAYING for three game guarantees by prepaying and entering any weekend event and two game guarantees for a one day event.

Teams who play three games over the weekend have met the game guarantee for any weekend event and therefore no refund will be issued.

Teams who only play two games in a weekend event are entitled to a 20% refund not to exceed $100.

Teams who play one game in a weekend event are entitled to a 50% refund not to exceed $225. 20% if only one game played in a one day event.

Site directors have the authority to modify game times and or format due to weather.
In the event that weather may play a factor in getting the event in as scheduled, the site director has the authority to modify the event in order for teams to get their games played.  This includes changing game times, length of games, and format.  Please note it is the teams responsibility to be onsite an hour prior to their scheduled game in order for event to stay on schedule.
Team backs out of event due to weather or possiblity of weather. Any team who backs out of an event due to reasons of weather WILL NOT be issued any refund.  The event director will make every effort to get teams their games, but will not be pressured by teams or managers due to weather forcasts.  Please do not contact the event director during the event or days prior to the event when weather may or may not affect a tournament.  Directors will communicate via email and social media with teams prior to and during events with updates and if necessary schedule changes.