No pool games.

Teams immediately begin bracket play on Friday or Saturday.
(Out of area/state teams have OPTION to play on Friday, if team chooses NOT to play Friday must be prepared to play 9am game on Saturday)

Gold bracket is for teams who work their way through the initial double elimination bracket.

Teams move to the silver bracket once they have lost two games.

Teams will play no more than three games on Saturday or Sunday pending how they move through the bracket.

Teams are guaranteed a minimum of three games for the weekend. Over half of each divison will play at least five games.

Divisions will start open, but may be split into Select (AA) and Open based on total entries within an age division.  Excludes 14U to 17U/18U.
East Coast Challenge  
10U to  16U/17U 
(Exact locations to be determined in Chestefield County)
ALL-STAR teams welcomed

Two day event.  Teams are randomly seeded. Max of EIGHT teams per age division; minimum is FOUR.  Local and out of state Recreation all-star teams are also welcome to participate.

​Teams pay umpires at the plate and provide playable baseballs for all games.

Recommended Hotel stay in either Colonial Heights or Chester, VA.
Tournament is open to AA (Select) including recreation all star teams.
​Elite teams AAA must play up an age group

Register for event

UMPIRE FEES (per game, per team)
8U Coach Pitch -$25 per game
8U Kid Pitch to 10U- $50 per game
11U and 12U- $55 per game
13U ages and up- $60 per game
​Pay umpires at the plate conference prior to each game please.

Teams must be registered with Nations Baseball to participate in this event.   Just click registration at the top of this page for info on how to get Nations registered.  Teams can use their current insurance carrier as a rider policy or purchase insurance through Nations.  

Please note that divisions may be combined in order to fill the event.

Please pre-register for this event by contacting Derek Flanagan first at [email protected] or 804-721-3598.
Hotel Info
(Teams are free to stay ANYWHERE)
Register on Nations Site

Note: Older divisions MAY BE combined pending REGISTRATIONS. 14U/15U or 16U/17U 
(Teams can also play up into any age division they choose; REQUIRED for Premier/Elite teams)

Please note prepayment for this event is due by Monday July 2nd, 2018.  All payments received after prepayment date will be at the regular rate; $50 more than prepaid rate.  Any team who wishes to pay by check will be charged a $100 admin and processing fee.  I recommend paying online; it includes the credit card processing fee and a copy of the receipt is emailed to the team immediately for their records.  Online payments also makes sending refunds easier by clicking a button IF event is lost due to weather or other reasons.  Please see refund/rain policy for policies and procedures for this event.

East Coast Challenge (8 team format)
​L5 v L6 Game added for 3GG

East Coast Challenge (6 team format)
​L5 v L6 Game added for 3GG