Format of each event is based on the number of teams per age division.  The goal is for all teams to play three games whenever possible.  All teams will play a minimum of two games. Format subject to change pending level of teams per age division.

Champions and runner ups receive individual awards and team awards. Ages 8u to 14u only. HS ages 15 and up will receive individual awards only.

Entry fee includes awards package only. All teams pay umpires at the plate and provide baseballs.    

If your a new team to Nations Baseball, please remember to get registered with Nations Baseball. Click Registration at top of page for more info on how to get registered.

(Additional Dates will be finalized by mid JANUARY)

All dates and Locations listed below for SPRING

Mathis Field in Hopewell, VA
7u,8u Coach Pitch and 13u dates confirmed
March 17th, 31st
April 14th and 28th
May 5th, May 19th
June 9th (End of season tournament)
Diamond Duel series is also part of the 
CVA Spring League for Select (AA) teams
Teams who play in the league receive additional "points" towards the Spring League Championship

League teams receive a different awards package compared to individual awards packages awarded at each Diamond Duel event.

Format of each Diamond Duel event is based on number of teams signed up per age division per date.  Note Open divisions may be split into divisions of four teams pending level of competition. 8 team divisions split into TWO FOUR team divisions will feature TWO four team formats.
Locations determined the Tuesday before each event.

Individual and team awards for the top two teams each division, each Diamond Duel event.

Teams who are playing a minimum of FIVE dates qualify as "league teams" PLEASE prepay on the league site by clicking the INFO link above.

(Events hosted in Isle of Wright, Smithfield, or Windsor
Teams pay umpires on site)

Goal of all Diamond Duel events is for ALL TEAMS to play three games for the day. Minimum games played is two.

Derek Flanagan
CVA Travel Baseball

8 TEAM format

     Game 1 (9am F1)               Game 2 (9am F2) ​​
   Team 1 vs Team 2                   Team 3 v Team 4

    Game 3 (11am F1)              Game 4 (11am F2)
   Team 5 vs Team 6                         Team 7 v Team 8

     Game 5 (1pm F1)               Game 6 (1pm F2)
 Winner G1 vs Winner G2             Loser G1 v Loser G2

    Game 7 (3pm F1)               Game 8 (3pm F2)
 Winner G3 vs Winner G4                    Loser G3 v Loser G4

    Game 9 (5pm F1)              Game 10 (5pm F2)
 Winner G5 vs Winner G7             Loser G5 v Loser G7

  (Only Champion Crowned)      

   Game 11 (7pm F1)               Game 12 (7pm F2)
  Winner G6 vs Winner G8                Loser G6 vs Loser G8

 Game 9, Game 10, and Game 11 are all
playing  for 2ND PLACE

 Winner of Game 9 will be the only 3-0 team and crowned the Champion.

Winners of Game 10 and Game 11 along with loser of Game 9 will all be 2-1. Therefore a three way tiebreaker will determine who finished in 2nd place.
(See Nations Tiebreakers)

6 TEAM format

  Game 1 (930am F1)              Game 2 (930am F2) ​​
       Pool Game 1                                 Pool Game 2

  Game 3 (1115am F1)             Game 4 (1115am F2)
          Pool Game 3                              Pool Game 4

   Game 5 (1pm F1)                    Game 6 (1pm F2)
         Pool Game 5                               Pool Game 6

   Game 7 (3pm F1)                  Game 8 (3pm F2)
      Seed 1 v Seed 2                         Seed 3 v Seed 4

 (Championship Game)        (Consolation Game)

                                             Game 9 (445pm F2)
                                             Seed 5 v Seed 6

                                            (Consolation Game)

4 TEAM format

4 Teams equals 3GG Round Robin Format on ONE Field

Pool Game 1 (Team 1 v Team 2)

GAME 2 1045am
Pool Game 2 (Team 1 v Team 3)

GAME 3 1230pm
Pool Game 3 (Team 2 v Team 4)

GAME 4 215pm
Pool Game 4 (Team 1 v Team 4)

GAME 5 400pm
Pool Game 5 (Team 2 v Team 3)

GAME 5 600pm
Pool Game 6 (Team 3 v Team 4)

Best record wins event. All games must have winner.

Umpire Fees
(Please note if entry fee is over $150, then umpires are included)
8U Coach Pitch
($25 per game)
9U and 10U
($50 per game)
11u and 12u
($55 per game)
13u and up
($60 per game)

(Fees can change pending location of event)
(UMPIRES are paid CASH on site please)