Please read the content below for all rules and regulations of the CVA Travel League. Any questions regarding the rules, refund and weather policy should be directed to Derek Flanagan, CVA League Director.



Age divisions are governed by specific rules to that age. Example: 7u and 8u will play either "Coach Pitch" or "Kid Pitch" rules.  Teams play in the division based on their CURRENT SPRING AGE. League is played from March through weekend prior to Memorial Day. Each region will crown an individual champion.  Teams can choose to play "other regions" during the regular season. Out of region games to not count towards crowning an individual regional champion. Note: Each region has the option of playing a modified version of "Coach and Kid pitch". This format combines both rules in order to maintain competitive game flow. Teams play by the "RULES and dimensions" 8U Coach Pitch. See Nations rules for details.

All 7u and 8u teams will be classified as "Select". Any superior 8u Kid pitch teams would be recommended to play up at 9U.  

To all teams: Age divisions may be combined pending registrations of each individual age group.  Divisions that may be combined are 7U/8U "Coach Pitch" or 8U Kid pitch/9U.  A minimum of six teams is required between combined ages for those divisions to make.  Combinations may be modified pending late registations into the league. All individual ages will still receive championship awards even if playing in a combined age division.  The reason for possibly combining divisions is due to the forming of this league and to guarantee teams games in their region.

All teams in each region are invited to play the Virginia Select State Championships held in early or late June each season.
Rosters for teams must be kept current.  Teams need to make sure their rosters are entered into the website the Friday prior to their scheduled league game; if scheduled on Saturday or Sunday.  If team is playing during the week; roster must be updated by midnight the night prior.  Teams can pick up players however that player must be entered into the online roster prior to their first scheduled game and teams must be aware that picking up players can potentially cause a team to move up a level; example team could go from Select to Elite or Elite to Premier. If picking up a player causes the team to move up a level; that is the level the team will be at for the conclusion of the season. Any team who ends up moving up a level after the first week of the season will STILL be eligible for the PLAYOFFS in the end of August, but may be placed in the Open Division of that age group. All teams are required to carry copies of all the players birth certificates to be available IF a question  arises about a players age.

Team(s) who host games

Teams who host league games at their fields will be compensated by paying a reduced entry fee. Compensation is paid at the conclusion of the regular season. Percentage of compensation is based on average rental costs AND/OR  If team has access to FREE fields, but has to pay for maintenance of field, chalk, paint, etc.  This rate is based on team hosting a minimum of four dates at their field(s). 

UMPIRES. Teams who host games will be required to find umpires for their dates and locations.  Director will assist if necessary, but understand director is located in the surrounding Richmond area and only has access to a certain "AREA".
Host teams are free to charge "VISITING TEAMS" the going rate, plus assigning fee "if applicable." 

All host teams must provide the LEAGUE DIRECTOR with PRE SEASON invoices for any rental fees, Umpire assigning fees, Umpire game fees, and maintenance fees associated with your location prior to the start of the season.  This invoice is used to communicate UMPIRE FEES etc VISITING teams can expect to pay upon arrival for league games.

All host teams must provide a FINAL INVOICE to the LEAGUE DIRECTOR by the Friday after Memorial Day weekend to be compensated further for the League season.  Any team who doesn't provide an invoice by said date can forfeit compensation.  

Note: Info on field costs, maintenance, etc for "each host team" will be used as a guide for future costs of HOST TEAMS in future seasons.

Teams who host games can OPT to use compensation towards entry into future events or leagues.  However, compensation expires 18 months after completion of the current League Season.

Any questions regarding hosting league games should be directed to the LEAGUE DIRECTOR.

14U/15U, 16U/17U, 18U/19U

All divisions play on the size field for their current age; Spring or Fall age.  As of August 1st teams move up an age, therefore if your team is 12U in the Spring as of Aug 1st your team will be 13U in the Fall.

5U through 18U/19U divisions play by high school rules. Please be familiar with those rules (National Federation). Therefore the balk rule amongst others may be different compared to MLB Rules.

All other ages 9U to 14U play by MLB rules with Nations Baseball modifications.  Teams have option to play up an age group during the Summer Season at any time.  However, all games played count towards your league record.

All  teams who play a minimum of two events during the Summer Season qualify for the end of the season playoffs. Playoffs are hosted by the league director in Colonial Heights and surrounding fields.

VA Select State Championship and
Part time teams

Time limits

Time limits are "No new inning can start". These time limits will be used for all league games, pre-season games, and tournament events.

​​Time limits will be set prior to the start of the regular season. Time limits determine umpire costs.

All games will have a winner.  If game is tied after innings or time limit; International Tie Break Rule (Last out starts inning at 2nd base) will apply. Only a max of two extra innings will be played in order to maintain schedule at each location. Example: Time limit expires in 5th inning. If no winner after 6th inning then 7th inning would be last inning.
The VA Select State Championship; is a three day event that takes place generally the last weekend in June; is a optional event that ANY sanctioned team can play.
All league teams who play the season full time will receive $50 off their entry fee into the State event. Entry fee covers awards only.

PART TIME TEAMS.  Any sanctioned team is welcome to participate as a part time team during the travel League.  Part time teams must be registered with Nations Baseball for the current season playing. (Spring or Fall).   Part time teams can host league games or choose to travel, but will be scheduled by LEAGUE DIRECTOR based on needs of the schedule that particular date(s).  Being able to host games doesn't guarantee your part time team will ACTUALLY HOST GAMES. Part time teams pay a separate entry fee for each date they participate and will only be given two games that date. Part time teams ARE ALSO INVITED to play the VA Select State Championship event in June.

Mercy Rule/Scores

Mercy rule will be 15 runs after 3 innings (2 1/2), 10 runs after 4 innings (3 1/2), 8 runs after 5 innings (4 1/2).   

On dates where teams play two games; team listed first will be home team.  Teams who host single games during the week will be the home team.  All teams are responsible for emailing or texting scores. Email to [email protected] or text 804-721-3598. When emailing or texting scores please list age division and teams.  Please also let me know which team you are.  If by chance I receive two different scores than the home team will be the official score of that game.

Tie breakers
(Seeding for Playoffs)

Please note that the tiebreakers for this league are independent of the league and ARE NOT governed by Nations Baseball tiebreaker rules.  

Tiebreakers are the following:
1) Record ( Win percentage )
2) Head to head (If top two teams are within 4 total games played)
3) Number of loses (If team with least number of loses also has least number of games minus one game vs rest of league; then go to #3

3a) Common head to head record amongst teams that are tied for first based on (#2)

4) If two are more teams share same common head to head record then teams tied with best head to head record go to:
b) Head to head amongst the two teams left will be seeded first
(If tied head to head; example 1-1, 2-2) 
c) Final tiebreaker will be total runs allowed; if tied again then total runs scored; if tied again then #5.

5) If same two teams are tied at this point than the final tiebreaker will be average runs allowed to common team(s) defeated.

6) If somehow there is still two teams tied after ALL THESE tie breakers, then director will CREATE HIS OWN TIEBREAKER by either flipping a coin, using a random number generator, or pick a team out of a hat.

This tiebreaker system is unique to the CVA Summer League and its results are final.  

Umpires and Baseballs

Umpires: Teams pay umpires at the plate PRIOR to each league game, pre-season game, and tournament game.

All ages- Teams pay at the plate "going rate for age group in HOST area. 
NOTE : These rates may go up or down pending location of league games. Umpire rates for each location will be posted on website.

Baseballs: Both teams provide two playable baseballs per league game, pre-season game, and tournament game.  Both teams are encouraged to help with foul balls in order for both teams to keep the game moving.

Awards package

Rules on the field 

See rules for all age divisions at A PDF file can be downloaded to any smart phone or printed for the teams record.  Note any rule not listed under Nations Baseball will be governed by MLB rules.

Exclusion: 14U/15U division will play by HS Federation rules.

Coaches can discuss any modifications to rules at plate conference prior to each game.  Both coaches must agree on said rule and it will be enforced for that game only.  Example: Balk one warning per pitcher.
Champion:  Team will receive a crystal tower Championship trophy; valued at around $300.  Players will also receive an individual award.  Champion of the league will also receive 50% off the following season AND free entry into the CVA Fall League this season.

Runner up : Team will receive a unique team award and 50% off any event or league fee the following season. Players will also receive individual awards. Team can use 50% off towards ANY event or league hosted by CVA Travel Baseball for the next calendar year.

Value of awards package is based on number of teams per age divison. Minimum of ten teams is required in order for "Additional prizes to be maxed out and awarded to the Champion: All divisions will receive the "basic awards package"; which includes Team award and individual awards as long as their is a minimum of six teams in the age divison. Note: Prize package for Champion will be received by team within 10 days of conclusion of the VA Select State Championships.

Individual awards for the Champions and runner ups will be voted on by the teams at around Mid July to allow time for potential "custom orders".
Click for Nations Rules
Click for MLB RULES

Refund and Weather Policy

Please note this policy is in place to protect all the hard work that goes into the day to day operations of the CVA Summer/Fall League.  All teams accept the RW Policy once they submit any payment to participate in the league.  Questions about this policy must be submitted in writing via email to Derek Flanagan.

[email protected]


Game Guarantee

 Full time teams who play a minimum of eight games have met the requirement for the game guarantee. Game guarantee includes regular season, East Coast Challenge, and end of the season tournament.  

Teams who opt not to play a minimum of six regular season weekend dates forfeit their right of the game guarantee. 

End of season tournament is a double elimination format and is included in teams entry fee.  If the event is completly washed due to weather, playoffs will be concluded Labor Day Weekend.  EOS tournament may be modified to single elimination pending dates and locations lost due to weather.  All efforts will be made to get the playoffs played.
If teams lose any regular season games to weather; efforts will be made to schedule make-up dates. Example: If teams lose two regular season games due to weather; the following scheduled weekend may include three games.

If weather affects the East Coast Challenge three day weekend event, or end of the season tournament; director has the right to modify the format or make a decision based on Nations Baseball or MLB rules. Example: Turn event into a one day single elimination format; modified pool games, etc

General Refund Policy

Any team who withdraws from the league prior to June 8th will receive a full refund minus a $25 admin fee. $75 security deposits will not be refunded. 

Once a team has played one regular season league game; no refunds will be given.  After June 15th, any team who withdraws from any league games regardles of whether part time or full time and has NOT played any league games can receive a refund, but will be charged 40% of total entry fee paid. Note: The policy protects all the hard work that goes into setting up the league, scheduling of the umpires, paying for the fields, sanctioning fees, awards, and general administrative work. 

Sportmanship Policy

Please treat this league with dignity and respect; any team who does not show consistent sportsmanship to their opponents or organizations will be asked to leave the league or may be suspended based on specific actions.  These suspensions can include participation in any Nations Baseball events held in VA and other states. 

EJECTIONS: Any coach or player ejected from a game will be suspended a minimum of two league games; not counting the game ejected from.   Both teams need to report the ejection via email with their "reason they (player or coach, etc) were either ejected or what that team witnessed of the ejection." I will also receive a report from the umpire(s) who ejected "said person." Please be specific with player name or coaches name (First and Last Name, Jersey Number, Team along with as detailed recollection of the ejection as possible.  Please tell the "story" in a narrative form, not a personal opinion.  Any additional game suspensions are the decision of the umpire who made the ejection and the league director.  Those suspensions will be final pending length of suspension recommended. Any ejections that lead to "police envolvement" are at the discrection of the officers and the legal system.  I never had the police come to any of my events or league games in the seven years hosting tournaments and leagues.  Please don't be the first.

Please remember that baseball is a game and these kids just want to have fun while playing a game they enjoy.  Keep it fun and instructive and this will be the most enjoyable league experience, not only for the players, but for everyone as well! 

Modification of this Policy

League director has the right at any time to modify this policy.  Teams looking for "ways to avoid" the above policy is the reason why this ammendment is in place.  League director is willing to work with teams in order for all teams to get the full VALUE of this league.  However, the director will not be taken advantage of just because a team provides any reason WHY they cannot play a specific date, location, team, etc.  Teams need to honor their committment to the league and the dates provided regardless of "other tournaments" being postponed, cancelled, or rescheduled.  When teams submit their pre registration form; those dates will be scheduled for that team on those dates.  If for whatever reason a team is unavailable to play; that team must give as much notice as possible in order for schedule to be updated.  

Derek Flanagan
CVA Fall League Director