Please read the content below for all rules and regulations of the CVA Fall League and Diamond Duel Series.  Any questions regarding the rules, refund and weather policy should be directed to Derek Flanagan, CVA Fall League Director.


Rosters for teams must be kept current.  Teams need to make sure their rosters are entered into the website the Friday prior to their scheduled league game; if scheduled on Saturday or Sunday.  If team is playing during the week; roster must be updated by midnight the night prior.  Teams can pick up players however that player must be entered into the online roster prior to their first scheduled game and teams must be aware that picking up players can potentially cause a team to move up a level; example team could go from Select to Elite or Elite to Premier. If picking up a player causes the team to move up a level; that is the level the team will be at for the conclusion of the falll season. Any team who ends up moving up a level after the first week of the season will not be eligible for the regular season championship in their originial division. All teams are required to carry copies of all the players birth certificates to be available IF a question  arises about a players age.

District Regulations

A minimum of FIVE teams are required in order for an "area" to have a district.  The district must be a minimum of 60 miles away from the CENTRAL HUB of the league "Colonial Heights VA".
A mini-district can be formed if an area only has 3 teams.

Districts of five or more teams can host league games within their district once a month; all teams from that district must be willing to travel to the CENTRAL HUB once a month. "Mini" districts will be allowed to host league games ONCE the entire season. Mini district teams must be willing to travel to the CH three of the four regular season dates.

All teams outside the CH MUST BE WILLING TO TRAVEL to the central hub twice a month regardless of reasons or forfeit games scheduled.  The goal is for teams within a district to host once a month and then travel once a month, but pending availability of league teams; director has right to have teams travel twice in the month. 

Teams within a district will all play each other once during the regular season. Teams within the district are permitted to schedule "additional dates" to play one another during the regular season; this includes playing on "non-league scheduled weekends" or during the week if they choose. Games played on non scheduled weekends will count toward crowning the "district champion" within that age group.

League Points/Full Time Teams

  Total points will determine seeding for the end of the season tournament and Regular season Champion. Please note these points are only used to determine an "overall" champion.  The Diamond Duel one day series will crown first and second place finishers per each "EVENT".

Win (4 Points) Loss (Minus 1 Point) Tie (1 point), Games Played (2 Points). Most points that can be earned per game are 6pts for a Win and 3 Points for a Tie.   Teams who play "up" an age divison AND win in an age group or two above their current level earn "bonus wins".  All games played regardless of age group or level count as points for that team.

EX: Team Record is 5 and 3. Total Points (33). Please note this because a team who goes 6 and 0 through six games, but hasn't played all the full times teams then decides to “not play” their last two games can still finish below another full time team who has played all regular season games. This point structure eliminates teams from sandbagging at the end of the season.

Updated standings will be posted on the travelbaseballva website; note the standings on the Nations site may be different than the travelbaseballva site due to the point structure above.

Any team who "finds a way" to potentially beat this point structure in order to "win the league" will be disqualified from the league and will not be invited to play the end of the season tournament.  League director also has the right to modify the point structure due to games lost due to weather.

Full time teams are the only teams who have an opportunity to either win the regular season championship or finish runner up.  Once full time teams have played a minimum of six games AND played all other full time teams in their age division, then a regular season Champion will be crowned.  Additional regular season games can either determine the final standing for the regular season OR determine if a tie breaker series should be played.  Head to head record vs full time teams will always determine the Champion and runner up. (Minimum six games must have been played AND all FT teams must have played each other.)

Tie breakers

District/out of area teams
host  responsibilities and reinbursements

Teams who host "league games" within their District or teams who end up with an opporuntiy to host league games are responsible for the following:
-- name and address of field location provided to league director
-- date(s) field is available; lights at location?; cost of rental of field (IF)
-- field prep and management of site during the entire day games are played along with communication of scores to league director.
-- Scheduling of umpires and communication of rate of umpires
-- Any additional fees associated with the field location including lights, scheduling fee for umpires, etc.

League director can provide any city, school, or park a general liability insurance certificate that will cover a "host team" when official league games sanctioned by Nations Baseball are played.

Any costs of playing games at a "host" location MUST BE communicated to the league director a minimum of 10 days PRIOR to scheduled dates.  Host teams will be reinbursed at the conclusion of the regular season.  All costs affiliated with hosting games MUST BE invoiced to the league director OR NO REINBURSEMENTS will be given. Invoice must be submitted to director no later than Nov 5th each year OR hosting team will not be reinbursed. Director can provide a form to host teams if needed.

Local teams within 45 miles of the CENTRAL HUB can also host league games at their facilities/fields.  All these rules apply to those teams except for the scheduling of umpires.  

League director CANNOT guarantee TEAMS will host league games at their facilities during the fall season.  Every effort will be made for teams to be able to host at least once during the season, but will always depend on team availability or part time teams coming to play during the season.

Host teams are free to fundraise at league games by running concessions etc. League does not take any profits from teams fundraising at their host fields.
Please note that the tiebreakers for this league are independent of the league and ARE NOT governed by Nations Baseball tiebreaker rules.  Tiebreakers go into affect once six games have been played in the Regular season provided all teams in contention have played each other once.  

Tiebreakers are the following: 
1) Record (Win Percentage) If all teams tied have played same number of games.  Teams number of games includes games within the age division or games played "up".
2) Wins (ALL WINS vs FULL TIME TEAMS within DIVISION only)
3) Head to Head
4) Number of loses (If team with least number of loses also has least number of games minus one game vs rest of league; then go to #5
5) Common head to head record amongst teams that are tied with WINS.
6) IF necessary, Additional games will be scheduled for teams in contention for the regular season Championship. This includes sheduling teams head to head in the State event or another event in the fall season.
(If two or more teams are tied at this point)
Playoffs) If only two teams are tied, then those two teams will play a "best of THREE series" either the second or third weekend in Nov; pending the scheduled Wood Bat State event each November. Teams can also choose to not play the State event and play their playoff series instead.
(THREE or more teams are tied) 
Random blind draw double elimination tournament will be played. Teams will be seeded using a randomizer ( Games will be played either the second or third weekend in November. All teams tied MUST BE AVAILABLE to travel to ANY LOCATION in Virginia IF fields are not available in Colonial Heights or Central VA. Example: Three teams are tied including one from Northern VA, one from Chesapeake area, and another from Western VA.  If field is only available in Chesapeake, then other teams MUST TRAVEL to that location for playoffs. If multiple fields are available in the example above then #1 seed will get choice of hosting the playoffs.

This tiebreaker system is unique to the CVA Fall League and its results are final.  Once teams have played the minimum games guaranteed for the season (SIX) the tiebreaker system will be used if necessary.  If Tiebreakers (1 to 3) have declared the Champion after six games played, then the Champion is crowned; as long as all teams in contention have played each other once.

Click for Nations Rules

Umpires and Baseballs

Age Divisions 

All age groups may be broken into two divisions; Select (AA) and Open.  Divisions may be combined.  Divisions will only be broken down if there are at least 12 teams per age group per date. Select (AA) teams take priority in the league/one day series. All efforts will be made to balance the schedule. Any team who “sandbags” their true level of play will be either moved up an age group or removed from the event(s).   The purpose of this league/one day series is to be competitive yet instructive at the same time while players learn their new age division.  Teams who wish to play up an age may do so, however you will be matched with the same level in the upper age group. Example: Select (AA) teams who play Select teams and Elite teams would play Elite teams.

To all teams: If this is your first time playing with Nations Baseball, doesn't give your team a reason to sign up in a lower division.  If you are a AA team in USSSA, then you are Select in Nations.  If you are a AAA team in USSSA, then you are Elite in Nations.  League Director has the right at any time to move a team up or down pending the results of their season including results in other associations.

14U/15U/16U/17U Division(s)

14u AGES and up divisions play by high school rules. Please be familiar with those rules (National Federation). Therefore the balk rule amongst others may be different compared to MLB Rules.

Note these age groups may be combined and teams also have option to play every week. High School aged teams commit to a minimum of four dates, but can play up to eight dates. Specific dates of age groups will be set prior to announcement of the league each year. Generally the 15U division will play on ODD WEEKENDS and the 14U and 16u/17u division will play on EVEN WEEKENDS.  If the 17U division has a minimum of 5 teams AND 16u division has a minimum of 5 teams THEN those divisions will be split. 16U would then play on EVEN weekends and 17U would play on ODD weekends. Teams can also play a combination of weekends between both divisions in order to get the minimum games required to play full time.  Example: Team A could play 2 Odd weekends and 2 even weekends or 1 odd weekend and 3 even weekends. Combination doesn't matter, however no team can play 3 Sundays in a row during the season. This controls the scheduling of teams.

Teams can play up an age division to pick up additional games during the season; however those additional dates must be prepaid for. Full time teams only pay $75 to pick up additonal dates.

All teams in ALL AGE DIVISIONS must be available to play either the 2nd or 3rd weekend in November in case of tiebreaker games needed to crown a regular season champion. Teams "not available" to play may forfeit their chance at the regular season championship.
Umpires: Teams pay umpires at the plate PRIOR to each league game, pre-season game, and end of season tournament game. Note: Rates may vary pending the location of your games. Games played outside of Central District (Colonial Heights/Chesterfield/Richmond);teams hosting outside of the CD are responsible for getting umpires at their locations.
8U- Teams pay at the plate $25 per game.
9U to 10U- Teams pay at the plate $50 per game.
11U to 12U- Teams pay at the plate $55 per game.
13U ages and up- Teams pay at the plate $60 per game. 

Baseballs: Both teams provide two playable baseballs per league game, pre-season game, and end of the season tournament game.  Both teams are encouraged to help with foul balls in order for both teams to keep the game moving.

Rules on the field 

Mercy Rule/Scores

Mercy rule will be 15 runs after 3 innings (2 1/2), 10 runs after 4 innings (3 1/2), 8 runs after 5 innings (4 1/2).   

On dates where teams play two games; team listed first will be home team.  Teams who host single games during the week will be the home team.  All teams are responsible for emailing or texting scores. Email to [email protected] or text 804-721-3598. When emailing or texting scores please list age division and teams.  Please also let me know which team you are.  If by chance I receive two different scores than the home team will be the official score of that game.
See rules for all age divisions at A PDF file can be downloaded to any smart phone or printed for the teams record.  Note any rule not listed under Nations Baseball will be governed by NFHS rules.

Coaches can discuss any modifications to rules at plate conference prior to each game.  Both coaches must agree on said rule and it will be enforced for that game only.  Example: Balk one warning per pitcher.

Games required to win regular season  AND District Championship

Teams must play a minimum of six games to qualify for the regular season championship.  Teams have the option to play any of the other two day tournaments offered during the Fall season. If weather causes teams to lose more than one week of the regular season, then director will make decision on number of minimum games based on final games played.

District "Group" Champions each district will have an individual champion crowned. That champion will qualify to play the King of the Mountain event in November and will receive a 50% discount on entry. Depending on the number of districts will determine if the runner up of the district also qualifies for the King of the Mountain event and will also receive a 50% discount on entry.

All district champions will receive a separate TEAM AWARD each season. A minimum of three districts per age group are required in order to receive a "District" Champion award. All district champions must be "full-time" teams and also can potentially be crowned the LEAGUE CHAMPION.

Time limits

Time limits are "No new inning can start". These time limits will be used for all league games, pre-season games, and end of the season tournament games.

8U- 75 minutes (One hour and fifteen minutes)
9U to 15U- 90 minutes (One hour and thirty minutes)
16U/17U- 110 minutes (One hour and fifty minutes)

All games will have a winner if less than six games are scheduled on a field for the day.  Note: Please check format of the event to see if format includes "All GAMES MUST HAVE WINNER" If game is tied after innings or time limit; International Tie Break Rule (Last out starts inning at 2nd base) will apply. Only one extra inning will be played in order to maintain schedule at each location. Example: Time limit expires in 5th inning. If no winner after 6th inning then game would end in a tie.

Wood Bat Rules/Supply

Ritchie Wood Bats: Will be the official supplier of bats for the CVA Fall League. Teams will receive "Custom engraved" LEAGUE BATS from Ritchie prior to their first game at the beginning of the season. Orders for the bats must be placed no later than August 15th each season.

Teams can choose how many bats to purchase, but the minimum is three per team; if team chooses to purchase bats. Teams can provide their own wood bats provided they are of legal weight and length per NFHS rules or CVA Fall League rules.
All wood bat sales are final; no refunds will be given on bats. Bat warranties will be honored, but teams are responsible for communication of said warranty with Ritchie Bats directly. 

​Wood bats are "OPTIONAL" for league play in 2018.

League receives considerable discount on bats and Ritchie Bats provides all makes and models suitable for league play. 
Click for WOOD BAT ordering

Refund and Weather Policy

Please note this policy is in place to protect all the hard work that goes into the day to day operations of the CVA Fall League.  All teams accept the RW Policy once they submit any payment to participate in the league.  Questions about this policy must be submitted in writing via email to Derek Flanagan.

[email protected]


Game Guarantee

 Full time teams who play a minimum of six games have met the requirement for the game guarantee. Game guarantee includes pre-season, regular season, State event, and playoff events.  

Teams who opt not to play all four scheduled regular season Sunday dates forfeit their right of the game guarantee.

State tournament is a three game guarantee. Teams who only play one game will receive a 40% refund or can receive credit towards future events.
If teams lose any regular season games to weather; efforts will be made to schedule make-up dates. Example: If teams lose two regular season games due to weather; the following scheduled weekend may include three games.

If weather affects any pre-season games, weekend event, or end of the season tournament; director has the right to modify the format or make a decision based on Nations Baseball or MLB rules. Example: Turn event into a one day single elimination format; modified pool games, etc

General Refund Policy

Any team who withdraws from the league prior to August 30th will receive a full refund minus a $25 admin fee. $75 security deposits will not be refunded. If a team has played any pre-season games, then the amount refunded will be determined based on whether a team has prepaid in full or only paid the security deposit.  Pre-season games are included in the game guarantee of the RW Policy.

Once a team has played one regular season league game or Diamond Duel one day tournament game; no refunds will be given.  After August 30th, any team who withdraws from any league games regardles of whether part time or full time and has NOT played any league games can receive a refund, but will be charged 75% of total entry fee paid. Note: The policy protects all the hard work that goes into setting up the league, scheduling of the umpires, paying for the fields, sanctioning fees, awards, and general administrative work. 

Sportmanship Policy

Please treat this league with dignity and respect; any team who does not show consistent sportsmanship to their opponents or organizations will be asked to leave the league or may be suspended based on specific actions.  These suspensions can include participation in any Nationas Baseball events held in VA and other states. 

Please remember that baseball is a game and these kids just want to have fun while playing a game they enjoy.  Keep it fun and instructive and this will be the most enjoyable league experience, not only for the players, but for everyone as well! 

Modification of this Policy

League director has the right at any time to modify this policy.  Teams looking for "ways to avoid" the above policy is the reason why this ammendment is in place.  League director is willing to work with teams in order for all teams to get the full VALUE of this league.  However, the director will not be taken advantage of just because a team provides any reason WHY they cannot play a specific date, location, team, etc.  Teams need to honor their committment to the league and the dates provided regardless of "other tournaments" being postponed, cancelled, or rescheduled.  When teams submit their pre registration form; those dates will be scheduled for that team on those dates.  If for whatever reason a team is unavailable to play; that team must give as much notice as possible in order for schedule to be updated.  

Derek Flanagan
CVA Fall League Director