How many games?

Below is the amount of games potentially available to teams who play in the Central Virginia Fall League or all four dates in the Diamond Duel series.  All dates and events listed are either included in the FULL TIME entry fee or can be added at an additional small cost.  See at the bottom of page for breakdown of costs per age division. 
This league is the best value in all of Central Virginia!

Pre-season games

Regular season games

Sunday after Labor Day weekend through Last Sunday in October 
Eight to Twelve Games.  Teams must play a minimum of six games to qualify for the regular season Championship.  Teams will NORMALLY play two games on designated Sunday's for their age group.  If possible, once or twice during the season a third game may be added if time and fields are available. (16U and up divisions only).

Format of Diamond Duel series is always based on the number of teams. Formats of 4,6, and 8 teams guarantee three games for the day.

Odd ages start Sunday after Labor Day Weekend. Even ages start the following Sunday after Odd ages play their first week

Full time rate for ages 8U to 15U is $450 This rate gives entry to all four scheduled Diamond Duel events and reduced entry into the VA Wood Bat State tournament held in November. This rate guarantees teams 8 games minimum with potential for up to 12 games  (Max guaranteed games is pending results in Diamond Duel events)

Full time rate for ages 16U to 17U is $735. This rate gives teams 8 to 10 scheduled regular season games plus REDUCED entry into the end of the season tournament held in November.  
16U to 17U ages can add additional dates to their schedule for only $75 per additional date.
 Please note teams can use their current insurance carrier as a rider policy with Nations Baseball. Insurance can also be purchased through Nations Baseball for an additional cost. Click Nations registration at top of page for more information about insurance and registration.​
August 20th and or August 27th
Two to four Games.  These games do not count towards the regular season Championship.  Teams can use these games for practice or to try out new players.  These games are just like MLB’s Spring Training.

Full time teams only pay $35 per day to help cover the costs of the fields.
Part time teams or non-league teams pay $65 per day to participate. Note that Full time teams can only receive their special rate IF team is paid in full for the regular fall season.

Teams pay umpires and provide baseballs for pre-season games.  Umpires used during these games may be umpires who are in training as well.

Further discounts

All full time teams will receive $75 off any Spring weekend event next year.  Teams must pre-pay for the spring event of their choosing by the prepaid date. Please contact director prior to paying for your Spring event to be invoiced team discount.

End of the season tournament

  King of the Mountain events which are held the 2nd and 3rd weekend in November. See tournament website for when your age group plays.

Individual and team awards for the top two in each division. 

KOM tournament is $125 for full time teams (All ages)

Part time teams pay $250 to play event (All ages) 

Teams pay umpires at plate and provide baseballs.

KOM events will be used as playoffs for the CVA Fall League teams.
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How much is this league/Diamond Duel Series  really costing my team? Nations Baseball STRIKES OUT the competition in the area!

(Registration Fee) + (Umpire fee ) Times Number of Games Played) + (Two Baseballs) Times Number of Games Played) = Final Cost.

Example for 9U to 10U. (8 Games) is $450 + ($50 x 8) + ($5 X 16)= $930

EX: 16U to 17U (8 Games) $735 + ($60 x 8) + ($5 X 16) =  $1295

Compare to USSSA One Day events: $150 per event, only two game guarantee, additional discount offered for one event in 2018.

Compare to Glen Allen Fall Travel League: 9U to 12U $995, 13U and 14U $1195 per team; which includes umpires and baseballs. Only crowns regular season champion and last date is end of season tourney.

If your a Full time team compared to a part time team; teams are offered further discounts for the November weekend events. Plus full time teams will save an additional $75 off any spring event!

This league/one day series gives teams more games for their dollar plus multiple chances for all teams to win events! 8U to 13U can possibly win up to SIX events. 
-- Four Diamond Duel Champions each season per age group. 8U to 13U
-- One State Champion each season per age group.
-- One King of the Mountain Champion per age group.
-- One Regular Season Champion each season per age group. 16U to 17U
   (One of a kind Crystal Tower Award that weighs 20 lbs!)

Nations Baseball now uses ODUA umpires. Come see a HUGE difference in quality, knowledge, and appearance .