​All teams must be registered with Nations Baseball.
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Individual and team awards for the Regular Season Champions!!!!
League format for age divisions 14U, 15U, and 16U/17U.
Divisions may be combined into 14U/15U or 15U/16U.
Teams can always choose to play up any weekend during the regular season. League champion is based on total points earned and head to head record amongst Full time teams.
Teams who play a minimum of six games during the entire Fall Season receive reduced entry fees to the end of the season State event in November, and any upcoming Spring event!
Full time and part time options available!
Full time teams commit to all four Sundays scheduled for the CVA Fall League (14u to 16u).
Full time teams also receive  50% off their entry fee into the Labor Day Invitational and End of the season tournament!
Divisions max a eighteen teams per Sunday . Teams will play double headers on all dates with the possibility of playing three games on SELECTED DATES.
League teams (Ages 14U to 16U)   play double headers every other Sunday. ALL teams   earn points towards the league Championship. One of a kind Crystal tower Championship Trophy is awarded to each TEAM who wins the Regular Fall Season plus individual awards. Runner up will receive a Crystal team award only.
Part time teams can also participate in the CVA Fall League. Part time teams can also participate in the end of season tournament held in November. Part time is a great way to pick up double headers when not playing "other events."
Odd ages (15u)  start the regular season Sept 9th or Sept 23rd
Even ages (14u and 16u) start the regular season Sept 16th or Sept 30th

Note  ages  may be combined. Example:  14U/15U or 15U/16U 
Teams wanting to play up an age division(s) during the season is welcomed. 

9U RBA South Blue  2015 Champions

11U Hill City Sliders  2015 Champions

15U Virginia Poison  2015 Champions


Click here for total amount of games available IF you play FULL TIME

FULL TIME (9u-13u)

FULL TIME (14u and older)

FULL TIME (Save $115)

Teams commit to all four Diamond Duel events scheduled during the fall season.  Teams will play a minimum of two games each Sunday.  Format is based on number of teams each week. Formats of 4, 6, and 8 teams are guaranteed three games each Sunday. Teams are guaranteed a minimum of six games by committing to a full time schedule. Teams can max at a minimum of eight games up to twelve games during the regular season pending weather and results during each one day event.
Full time teams are guaranteed a minimum of 6 to 8 regular season games. However, one or two dates may include teams playing THREE games on their date. Full time teams who commit to all four Sundays during the fall season; pending weather will get a minimum of 8 games up to potentially 10 games. Older ages have opportunity to play up age groups and can pick up more games playing every week or an additional week or two. High school rules for ages 14u and up.
Full time teams can play the end of the season tournament for only $125 per team! Part time teams pay $250.  End of the season tournament is a double elimination format with a three game guarantee and is seeded based on standings during the regular season.  Teams will be seeded based on number of games and record.  Team awards will be given out to the Champion and Runner up. This tournament will give all teams a chance to win another event!

FULL TIME (Save $100)

PART TIME (All ages)

PART TIME (All ages)

Full time teams can also play the pre-season Labor Day Invitational for only $150 per team. Part time teams and non-league teams will pay $250.  Full time league teams also get priority over non-league teams.  Labor Day event also gives full time league teams a chance to win an additional tournament! Tournament format is the traditional two pool games then single elimination on Sunday.
Teams can play either one or up to three Sundays during the regular season.  Part time teams pay for each date they participate.  Part time rate for 9u to 13u is $135 per team, if paid ten days prior to event date and $185 for 14u to 16u if paid ten days prior to event date. Regular rate of $185/$235 applies the week of the event.
Part time teams will be invited to play the End of season events in November.  
Teams who play two or three events can save $50 off the total entry fee.
Part time teams can play the end of the season tournament pending full time team participation. Part time teams will fill up the bracket for each age division. Part time teams pay $250 per team. End of the season tournament is a double elimination format and is seeded based on where teams finished during the regular season. Part time teams will be seeded lower than full time teams.  Part time teams will still have a chance to win the event along with receiving TEAM awards for playing in the Championship game.